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Alfresco Party Pack to help you celebrate the Platinum Jubilee

Alfresco Party Pack to help you celebrate the Platinum Jubilee

The universe and all of its stars have aligned once again to give us a stupendously fine reason to party; with a Four Day Weekend incoming we join the masses, within the commonwealth and far beyond, in throwing our knickers to the wind in celebration of Queenie’s platinum jubilee. 


What exactly is a platinum Jubilee then? 
Ahem, apologies - what The Madre means (being fairly regal herself as part of a long and strong lineage of fine fettle women - although we’re not sure we can prove actual blue blood in her veins…) is that we are terribly excited to be partaking of the Right Royal knees up to celebrate her Highness, Queen Elizabeth 2’s astonishing, and record breaking 70 years as a reigning monarch, of service to the UK - as of 2nd Feb 2022. 


A 4 day weekend of fun and frolics has been decreed, slap bang in the middle of our great British Summer, Thursday 2nd - Sunday 5th June - here’s hoping the weather gods are in on the shenanigans. As can be expected, there is a fittingly extensive line-up of pomp and regalia over the extended weekend, from trooping of the colours and the lighting of beacons to music , entertainment and all of the parties, fit for, well, a queen!


Our top picks for the Platinum Jubilee weekend?
  • We’ll be heading to our local, Victoria Park, boasting a steady line up over the course of the weeknd, to get into the community spirit. Fully armed with our own Platinum Party Pack, of course! 
  • Watch the RAF fly overhead and soldiers, horses and musicians below on 2nd June as the Trooping of The Colour Parade pay homage to the Queen’s official Birthday (Happy 96th!)
  • Throughout the 4 days , over 60k people have registered to host Big Jubilee Lunches (can we add link here?) with many, many more expected to join in this nationwide act of community friendship. What can we say; get involved and bring some probiotic, gut healing positive energy in the form of Agua De Madre Water Kefir to the party!
How to enjoy the Platinum Jubilee celebrations at home 
Finally, this is not the time for isolation; get thee to your nearest street party or park for community fun and frolics or to the back of your garden if all else fails. Our Alfresco Party Pack contains everything you could possibly need to help get the party started; take it with you, make friends and influence people; positively!!


What’s in the Alfresco Party Pack?
1 x 75cl Original Agua de Madre.  
6 x 25cl Mixed bottles. Perfect for a party.  A mix of bottles which will include  Elderflower & Apple, Lemon & Ginger, Pomegranate & Hibiscus, Passion Fruit & Raspberry and Camille Vidal's Blood Orange Bitters.

6 x 60ml New Ginger and Tumeric Culture shots.

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