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Launching Rosehip & Açai

Launching Rosehip & Açai

3, 2, 1… Lift off! 

We have just launched our brand-new Rosehip & Açai kefir water.


Our Madres & Padres have worked on brewing this flavour day & night at the Casa de Madre, blending light, floral rosehip with rich & zingy açai. It’s a proper thirst-quencher packed with 55 billion live cultures per 100ml.


PLUS we’ve partnered up with two brilliant charities for this launch, which means that for every bottle you buy, we send 5p to Future Dreams and 5p to the Be Well Collective. 


Future Dreams is a wonderful breast cancer charity, set up in 2008 when mother and daughter Sylvie Henry and Danielle Leslie were both diagnosed with Breast cancer. Danielle was just 35 and a mother herself to three young children; tragically both women lost their lives to the disease in 2009.


The mission of Future Dreams is to raise awareness of breast cancer while supporting all those who have been touched by the disease, also helping fund research into secondary breast cancer. We’re SO inspired by all the work they do, believing that no one should ever have to face this illness of their own.


Our other brilliant partner is the Be Well Collective, a charity with a mission to raise young people’s awareness of the importance of good mental health. The Collective provides young creatives with expert advice on nutrition, sleep, psychology, meditation, movement, mental, emotional and physical health.


Founded by model and accredited nutritionist Sarah Ann Macklin, the Be Well Collective is a content partner of Mind charity, also endorsed by the British Fashion Council and the BFMA. It’s a brilliant platform that empowers young people struggling with their mental health. 


The pandemic has had a huge effect on us all. At Agua de Madre, we’re acutely aware that longer waiting lists mean that women are less likely to discover breast cancer early, while continuous lockdowns have had a well-documented impact on the mental health of the young.


That’s why the Madre’s thrilled to be collaborating with these two brilliant charities on our new Rosehip & Açai flavour. It’s been a difficult time, and we’re keen to contribute in any way we can.


In the words of Future Dreams: ‘what a joyful and delicious partnership, with a most welcome donation to boot.’

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