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Get down at the Casa de Madre

Get down at the Casa de Madre

Arriba, baby. Things start getting exciting on Friday night when the Casa de Madre opens its red doors & the Bohemia Place night market’s in full swing. We’re kicking off the summer season with Madre Hour, where it’s Latin American vibes all the way - guacamole, guitarrón mexicano, tequila. If you’re into it, dust those salsa moves down and get moving. 

If dancing ain’t your thing, we’ve got cócteles de mezcal o tequila to sip on. Whether it’s a tequila slushie or a Madre Rita or an espresso tonic, we get las expertas in to do the cocktail mixing. This is the real deal - if you’re used to the average flat & flavourless cocktail, buckle up: you’re in for a ride.

We’re into the health thing, but we don’t like being smug about it. Feeling good is about more than wellness - it’s about taste and sensation and experience. Our zingy London kefir water might have 55 billion live cultures per 100ml, but what really matters is that it tastes so damn good. Especially with a drop of Mezcal. 

When it comes to cocktail ingredients, we’re into fresh and we’re into organic. Mixed with the best kefir in London, this isn’t your ordinary cocktail night. And for those who aren’t boozing, our virgin cocktails are so good you won’t believe they’re alc-free.

You might wake up without a hangover, but for us, the barometer of a good night is the fun of it. So if you’re looking for the best low alc experience in London, you’ve come to the right place.

Running ‘till late on Friday nights, Madre Hour is very different to visiting your average London bar. We’re based in Hackney, under a railway arch. Come along to check out the fermentary – we’ve got three giant ceramic eggs where our drink is made. You can make a connection with Agua de Madre, see how it’s been brewed and fermented, maybe learn a couple of tricks yourself.

Can’t get abroad this year? Don’t sweat it! Every Friday night at the Casa’s a trip to Mexico City. Without the air miles. Todos somos ganadores.
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