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The Madre Chats with Farmer J


You might have seen the Farmer J x Agua de Madre Pink Grapefruit and Lime partnership - if not we seriously recommend heading to one today... as well as amazingly good drinks, they have seriously tasty food.

Tell us about Farmer J? 


Farmer J is known as Home of the Fieldtray, the concept is a totally customisable meal, made up of a base, a main, a hot side, a salad and a sauce. Think grains & pulses, grilled meats and fish, roasted vegetables and seasonal salads. The offering is updated five times a year, bringing new seasonal dishes to our menu. Simply put, the food at Farmer J is never, ever boring. It’s bold and vibrant, yet comforting and humble. We have staple pantry ingredients, that enhance the flavour of our ingredients. What matters most - the food we make tastes bloody good, is easy to make and is affordable.

At Farmer J, we give a fork and that means about everything we do. From Fieldtrays to cups, bags to cutlery, 90% of our packaging is biodegradable and we aim to make this 100% by 2024. 


We love that all the brands are sourced from local farms - could you tell us about this?


We source locally, where we can from high-welfare UK Farms. Our lettuce is from Laurence J. Betts, a longstanding family business based near Kent which has been producing salads for over 100 years. Our kale is from Molyneux Kale Company, a family business for over 150 years. With their expert knowledge, the local soils and maritime climate of south-west Lancashire, they are the only producer who has succeeded in growing kale in the UK for 12 months of the year. 

What's your favourite thing about Agua de Madre?

Besides the fact that it tastes forkin’ amazing, it is also actually good for you. We think it’s the best drink out there and we are so excited about this special partnership.

Tell us one interesting thing about your company that not many people know?

Farmer J is run by a husband and wife. the company plan to open 4 more sites this year.

What recipe would go well with our Pink Grapefruit & Lime?


Of course! We would recommend our J's Indonesian Slaw. The recipe can be found here

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