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Agua De Madre is made from fermenting a 'mother culture' (The 'Madre' in Agua De Madre) of bacteria and yeast with organic natural fruits, to produce a delicious naturally sparkling, low sugar, vegan and thirst quenching drink with a comforting amount of probiotic live cultures. 

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Why is it so good for me?

The multitude of live cultures found in our unfiltered water kefir contributes to maintaining good gut health, which has a positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing, ensuring a balanced ecosystem for our bodies and minds.

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Raise a glass to your digestive system, the health-enhancing hero under your poncho.

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As a single mother and a film maker I have always admired the wonderful community of women around me who nurtured me and led me on a journey to research wellness, naturally via food and drink.

I came across water kefir in a zero waste restaurant in Brighton and was intrigued straight away by its live gut supporting health benefits. After a glass I had a natural high that hit all the right spots. A drink to drink in place of alcohol with a meal or at a social event, one that changed my digestion and enhanced my immune system. What was not to like? I  started experimenting with a small handful of culture, perfecting the ferments over a 2 year period in my North London kitchen. My aim was to create a drink that brought joy into me and my friends lives.

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A natural route to better gut health!

Mexican Opuntia Cactus

Agua De Madre is made from the elemental Tibicos Mother Culture discovered on the pads of the Mexican Opuntia cactus. We feed it, nurture it and use it to ferment our delicious probiotic drink with maternal dedication.

Live culture, fruit and ginger

The live culture is added to organic fruit and ginger. Water kefir contributes to good gut health, which has a positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing, ensuring a balanced ecosystem for our bodies and minds.

Fermentation process

Through the process of fermentation, the sugar levels decrease and the gut-friendly flora increases, as the drink becomes delightfully effervescent.

*Casa de Madre* our Fermentary in Hackney

Bohemia Place, Mare St
London E8 1DU

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Monday - Friday 10am - 4.30pm


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