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The Madre Chats with Third Culture Vegan Deli

The Madre Chats with Third Culture

This week The Madre chats with Nivi from Third Culture Vegan Deli in Broadway Market, London. 

How did this business come to be? 

We started Third Culture because we wanted to combine our passion for love and drinks with design, so creating a unique space that can also inspire people and offer an exciting menu!

What is your favourite thing about the business, and some of your favourite brands/products in stock? 

We love interacting with our customers and showcase all the beautiful products we stock and make, from lcoal suppliers to very niche and obscure brands. Everyime we suggest something and our customers are coming back for it, that's when we know we are doing it right! Favourite brands, of course Agua de Madre, Mama Yu, Idyll, Kimchi & Radish.

How did you meet the Madre? (come to stock our Agua) 

Always been a fan of fermented drinks, we actually used to make our own water kefir at home, and since we live in Hackney, it was a no brainer to bump into your products and loved them immediately!

What do you love about Agua de Madre? 

Very clean label, crispy flavours, and the new cans are also ambient, which helps us a lot in terms of storage. Plus, the brand has always been so on point, and that's an added bonus ;)

Can you tell us something interesting about your company that not many people know/ you wish more people knew? 

Our main focus and business is I AM NUT OK, a vegan cheese company we started 6 years ago, and Third Culture Deli is our little side project. A place where we can have fun and experiment, creating new cheeses and dishes, that we can test and share with our customers. It's called Third Culture because we (Angela + Nivi) are third culture kids, meaning we were born in a country, with parents coming from another country, and the UK is our third culture, so we used this as a blueprint to design our menu.

Any other information you'd like us to share with our fans? :) 

You absolutely need to come and try our signature drink, the Pandan Latte, either iced or hot. We make the Pandan syrup in house, cold pressing the leaves, and it just taste amazing! Also, all the food that we sell (except the pastries) are made in house, and one of our best seller is definetely our baked NY style black sesame cheesecake. Ah, right, everything is plant based of course 😉

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