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The Western World, and a consumerist society lead by multi million pound monolithic corporations, puts so much emphasis on what you should or shouldn’t put on your skin, you’d be forgiven for thinking a 24 carat complexion was only for those blessed of genes or liquid of cash.  Not so. 

We like to treat our skin from the inside for a glow that truly radiates health. 

Some words from a real expert, Nutritional Therapist Phoebe Liebling BSc (Hons) DipNT | mBANT mNNA CNHC GNC, below as she backs us up by explaining the real benefits of gut and digestive health on the physical appearance of the skin:

“The influence of our gut health on that of our skin is multi factorial. Not only is the skin our window into the overall wellness of our internal environment, when we start to dig a little deeper we unearth direct links between things like the diversity of our intestinal bacteria and those that control the skin barrier through our skin microbiome, immune and inflammatory cells. Encouraging more diversity in our gut bacteria through the inclusion of low sugar, live fermented foods like water kefir can significantly improve skin appearance and resilience through this link, but then further this too by promoting more effective removal of toxins and waste through the digestive system. When this is sluggish we redirect waste and send it out through the skin which is why improving our digestive health also leads to improvements in acne and blemishes for many people.”

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