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What live probiotic bacterial cultures are present in Agua De Madre and how good are they for you? Including link to University of Huddersfield Study

In an independent study conducted by Huddersfield University it wasfound that there are three dominant-live and active bacteria within Agua De Madre. The dominant three bacteria identified all fell under the genus Leuconostoc, and include L. suionicum, L. mesenteroides and L. pseudomesenteroides.

They work to boost the survival of other beneficial bacteria inside your gut. The more diverse strains of bacteria in your microbiome, the healthier you are.

Our research summary is here

What is a live drink?

All the cultures are alive and still fermenting so the goodness just keeps on giving. It tastes fresh and has a flavour similar to a live lemonade or ginger beer. ‘It’s neither to sweet nor too sharp - the perfect drink.’ - Anna Maxted.

How do you look after your bottles?

The Madre has to be kept cold at all times  - 5 degrees C or the temp of a domestic fridge, otherwise she might blow her top.

How long can you keep it in the fridge?

The best before date is a guide to fizz and dryness. The drink has no pathogens so can never 'go off’. Do be more cautious when opening an out of date bottle.

How much to drink a day?

250ml is a good starting point though some tummies might prefer to be introduced to Agua De Madre more slowly.

Is Agua De Madre organic?

Soil association certified organic

Sugar content

3.4gr per 100ml when the bottle is capped. The drink is live so the sugar continues to metabolise into a natural trace low-alcohol and a reduced level per 100ml. It is also naturally sparkling and not carbonated.

Alcohol content
Officially low-alcohol it has trace amounts as a result of the natural process of fermenting fruits and organic sugar with a live mother culture. 1.2% ABV on average.

Water kefir v kombucha
Similar amount of live cultures and vegan!

Can children and pregnant women drink it?
We would not encourage children under 12 to drink it because of the trace alcohol. It can be diluted. Some pregnant women thrive on it so the evidence is mixed. The point of the drink is the live cultures not the trace alcohol so best to exercise caution.

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