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Why drink Kefir Water?

 Reasons to Drink Kefir Water


Agua de Madre’s water kefir is more than just a delicious drink. With lots of health benefits, drinking a cup of water kefir every day is a great way to boost your immune system as we launch ourselves out of lockdown. From supporting healthy skin to boosting serotonin levels, there are lots of reasons to enjoy Agua de Madre. As if you needed any more convincing, here’s our round-up of the top ten reasons to drink kefir water.

1. Helps achieve a healthy gut microbiome

Agua de Madre kefir water contains billions of live cultures. That’s more natural live cultures than any other drink on the market! 

Lactobacillus strains are dominant in our drink, meaning our kefir water is more easily absorbed by the gut than most kombuchas. L. Mesenteroides is one of our dominant bacterias. It has been proven to survive gastrointestinal conditions, meaning it reaches the gut ‘alive’. 

An unhealthy, unbalanced gut microbiome can cause inflammation of the gut. Inflammation can ‘seriously damage organs, and may cause cancer and cardiovascular disease’ (John Nash). 

The live cultures in Agua de Madre help rebalance the gut microbiome, reducing inflammation of the gut and thereby reducing the chance of illness.

2. Good for your skin

In rebalancing your gut microbiome, kefir water helps your gut absorb all the good stuff from the food you’re eating, like vitamins, minerals and proteins. These molecules help support healthy skin.

Kefir water has also been found to help treat eczema, acne psoriasis as well as other allergies.

3. Beats supplements every time

Probiotic supplement capsules are always created in sterilised laboratory environments. The cultures are rarely ‘live’, and most capsules contain a minuscule fraction of the live cultures found in Agua de Madre.

Our kefir, on the other hand, contains 100% natural live cultures. Raw and unfiltered, every sip is packed with goodness. Wondering what happens if you drink it everyday? Well, the simple answer is: lotsa good stuff. A daily 250ml glass of our kefir water is all you need for an immune-supporting boost. 

4. Reduces cholesterol

Studies have shown a link between kefir consumption and the reduction of blood lipid levels and harmful fatty acids.

5. Richer in live cultures than Yogurt

Everyone knows that eating Greek yogurt enriches your gut microbiome. It’s lesser-known that kefir water is much richer in probiotic bacteria than yogurt, containing at least three times as many live cultures.

6. Suitable for vegans & lactose-intolerant people

Water kefir is completely dairy-free, making it the perfect alternative to milk kefir. Containing just as many live cultures as dairy kefirs, water kefir is the best way to get a healthy boost without consuming animal products!

7. Antibiotic properties

Water kefir contains unique bacterial strains capable of inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria like h-pylori, E.coli and salmonella. 

8. Improves mood & reduces anxiety

For a long time, researchers have been interested in the link between mental health and gastrointestinal conditions such as IBS. Scientists have explored the concept of ‘psychobiotics’, live bacteria that might confer a mental health benefit by improving the microbiota of the host organism.

Studies have shown that kefir might be one such ‘psychobiotic’, capable of restoring the Enterochromaffin (EC) cells in your gut microbiome. EC cells produce serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’, boosting your mood and reducing anxiety.

9. Contains essential nutrients

Kefir water contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. These molecules are vital for a healthy body, helping to shore up bones, support the immune system and heal wounds.

Agua de Madre is also great as a live cocktail mixer. The Blood Orange Madre Rita is one of our favourites, made using our brand-new Blood Orange Bitters flavour, and we love La Romero Limón too.








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