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A cocktail to celebrate Notting Hill Carnival

live Rum Punch cocktail to celebrate the return of Notting Hill Carnival 

3 years on from its last IRL physical manifestation, the iconic Notting Hill Carnival, London’s largest and most vibrant street party, actually 2nd largest in The World, is about to kick-off, like before the pandemic. 

A boombastic celebration of Caribbean culture, launched over 50 years ago by London’s West Indian communities in 1966, you can rely on it being an unavoidably immersive experience. With parades running throughout the weekend, expect eye popping costumes and ass shaking music, blasting from both steel bands and a cacophony of 38 mega sound systems, air thick with the sticky aroma of jerk chicken (and many other options with over 300 food and drink stalls) up and down the network of streets.

Held on the year’s bank holiday finale; this year it falls on Saturday 27th - Monday 29th August, in and around West London’s Notting Hill.

Top tip for staying hydrated during Carnival

Our best advice for Carnival is to be smart, plan your journey well & stay hydrated - it gets BUSY. Pack a bottle of frozen water & take some Agua de Madre with you. The water bottle/s acts as ice cube for your water kefir until it’s ready to drink when it thaws. Seriously - thank us later when you come over all Shakespearean…. ‘My Kingdom for a cold beverage!’

A RUMbunctious punch cocktail

To wet your appetite for the main event, try this vibrant, probiotic lively & lightly effervescent punch; rumbunctious as all good punches should be and tempered with fresh juice and Agua De Madre water kefir to keep the balance on the right side of cheeky. 

The recipe below makes one serve but it’s even better scaled up to bucket sized proportions to share with friends, family and neighbours to bring a little bit of the Caribbean spirit to your own neighbourhood!

Agua de Sandia

25ml Rum

25ml fresh lime, juiced

100ml sieved watermelon juice

5ml or a scant dash of simple syrup

Agua de Madre Original lemon-ginger

Fresh mint, smacked and rubbed on around the rim of the glass

Garnish with a watermelon slice

Fill a tumbler with ice. In a shaker add ice all the ingredients except for the Agua de Madre. Shake vigorously and then over pour the glass of ice and top up with the Agua de Madre. Smack the mint to release the oil and aroma and rub it around the rim of the glass. Finally, garnish with a small slice of watermelon.

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