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Mariposas Charity


We have chosen to support Mariposa for our Green Friday Campaign.

Nicola Hart lovingly known as the Madre wanted to support a charity close to her heart. 


Mariposas was established to help develop and implement programs that empower young women in rural communities in Mexico. 

Mariposas helps support young women to break the cycle of poverty caused by lack of educational opportunities. 


Nicola comments 'This is such an important charity. Young women in rural Mexico are often overlooked and this charity is offering them access to training and education which could change their lives'.

Tessa Eckholm, Founder and President, Mariposas: Mujeres Cambinado el Mundo comments

'Mariposas is excited about our new partnership with Agua de Madre. Their generous support allows Mariposas to further our mission to empower young women to reach their goal of an education. Mariposas believes in the power of small ripples - they spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of a kind and giving heart can have far-reaching effects. We are honored and grateful for the generosity of Agua de Madre.” 

About Mariposas

Mariposas Mujeres Cambiando el Mundo, A.C., which translates to “Butterflies Women 

Changing the World, is a civil organization incorporated in both the United States (in 2013) and Mexico (in 2019) focusing on the large population of at-risk girls and young women from several rural communities in Central Mexico. Mariposas started in 2013 with two communities and what was supposed to be a one-time leadership and empowerment camp, Camp Mariposas. Today, Mariposas has grown to over 200 young women participants from five communities who have participated in our ten Camp Mariposas and has expanded to include three additional programs, Community Clubs, Environmental Service Adventures, and our Scholarship Program.

The name itself, Mariposas, was selected due to the symbolism associated with the life cycle of butterflies, how they morph from an egg into gorgeous and majestic creatures 

and how each of the 20,000 species are unique and beautiful and have their own slightly different journeys. This is what we are trying to achieve with the young women who participate in Mariposas’ programs - to be the support they need during their adolescent years and as they move through their own life stages to morph into independent, majestic, strong and empowered leaders. 

Mariposas’ programs are designed to empower young women from marginalized rural communities in Central Mexico to break the cycle of poverty caused by lack of educational opportunities and limited access to educational services. All of Mariposas’ programs are centered around the core values of empowerment, leadership, community service and environmental stewardship with the goal of equipping the young women with the skills and knowledge needed to make the best decisions possible for themselves, their families, their communities and their natural resources. Mariposas works with young women in the states of Puebla and Tlaxcala.  

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