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Molly Gunn of The Sunday Times loves our kefir water

Molly Gunn of The Sunday Times loves our kefir water

On the booze a bit too often? Madre, don’t worry! So is… literally everyone else, according to Molly Gunn in her spanking new article for The Sunday Times, Style

Since lockdown ended, Gunn has been trying to tone the drinking down a little bit. She’s not suggesting we get puritanical about it: better, she says, to indulge in ‘half-drinking’.

Looking for a translation? Well, Madre, she means moderation is key: have one delicious glass of wine instead of a whole bottle of plonk, and enjoy the sober moments more than anything.

Aristotle’s got his ‘golden mean’, Buddhism teaches the ‘Middle Path’ and, with ‘half-drinking’, Gunn’s begun an all-new moderate philosophy of her own.

There are a few drinks that help her on her way. She writes that the key to ‘half-drinking’ is to find non-alcoholic drinks that get you excited.

So what, exactly, does she recommend? Drum roll please...

Gunn says she has an Agua de Madre kefir water subscription that she is ‘evangelical’ about. When going for a BBQ, Agua de Madre is her go-to bottle to bring along.

Evangelical… yeah, you read that right! This half-drinking thing really is philosophical after all.... 

Read the full article in Sunday Times Style

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