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Introducing: Culture Shot

Introducing: Culture Shot

As galleries, museums and theatres reopen, the arts have finally come flooding back into our lives. Following the monotony of lockdown, this culture shock has taken some getting used to. Exciting as this may be, at Agua de Madre, we’ve been contending with a different kind of culture shock, contained within a small glass bottle. 

Enter stage left our brand-new Culture Shot, the newest character to join the Agua de Madre cast. A fiery ginger and turmeric creation, these small bottles contain everything you need to supercharge your day. 

Craft-made in small batches at our fermentary in Hackney, every shot’s a work of art. After the first ferment, we take our signature kefir water and mix it thoroughly with cold-pressed organic ginger, fresh lemon juice and turmeric. From there, we add black pepper oil and a hint of agave. The end result is an energising drink packed full of live cultures, vitamins and minerals. 

Turmeric’s got a bit of a reputation as a superfood- that’s because it contains curcumin, a bioactive compound with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also a potent antioxidant, with studies showing curcumin can alleviate the symptoms of a range of illnesses, from depression to athritis.

The fresh-pressed ginger is another important antioxidant, capable of reducing cortisol (stress) levels and fighting free radicals. As if that wasn’t enough already,  black pepper oil contains Piperine, an ancient alkaloid that’s been proven to increase the body’s curcumin absorption by 2000%. Like a symphony orchestra, the individual components of our Culture Shot harmonise perfectly, producing a rousing end result.

Delicious neat or mixed into a smoothie, you can pick up a six-pack from our website here.  Whether they’re part of your morning routine, or your go-to late afternoon lift, our Culture Shots are all you need to launch yourself out of lockdown.

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