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Lagom Glassware

A Minute with Lagom Glassware

We love celebrating other Madres and Padres and this month we spoke with Karolina founder of the beautiful glassware company Lagom. 

How did you start Lagom ?

I studied Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins (CSM), and during my final year, I discovered the potential of borosilicate glass. This led me to meet some exceptional craftspeople who introduced me to the art of scientific glassblowing in the UK. After graduating, I took a job in a consultancy but quickly realized it wasn't fulfilling. A couple of years later, I decided to apply what I had learned in university and pursue my passion by creating my own line of glassware. In 2022, while eight months pregnant with my first child, I launched Lagom Handmade Glassware. It has always been my dream to design and sell my own products. Since then, it has been an exhilarating journey managing my company, raising my baby, and working as a lecturer at CSM.

Tell us about what inspires you?

Is it too cliché to say that everything inspires me? Sometimes, I just see something on the street or in a park—an interesting shadow shape or a broken piece of stone—that sparks a new idea. I wish I had a specific place of inspiration; it would make navigating creative droughts much easier. However, I do find myself much more creative after returning from a holiday... Maybe there's something there.

What is so special about the glass and how they are made?

My glasses are handmade out of borosilicate glass tubes in the Czech Republic. Borosilicate tubing is commonly utilized in research labs and hospitals...

...I love working with it because of its durability (much more durable than your regular soda lime glass tumbler) —it’s suitable for both hot and cold beverages and also guarantees that our products are dishwasher safe.The true charm of my products, however, is that each piece is completely unique. No two glasses are exactly alike; each one has its own distinctive (and perfect) imperfections.

What are your favourite pieces?

Currently my Charlotte champagne glasses because you can use them for deserts too. And believe me when I tell you that ice cream tastes completely differently when eaten from a beautiful glass.

Which is your favourite Agua de Madre flavour?

Elderflower and apple - so fresh for summer nights!

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