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Sustainability is at the core of everything we do here at Agua De Madre

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do here at Agua De Madre

With just a hand full of Tibicos Culture Mother Grains in her kitchen back in 2017 our founder and Head Madre, Nicola Hart, spearheaded the concept for what is now a blooming, ethical & sustainable business. That same original handful of water kefir grains, albeit evolved and much expanded, is still, and quite simply, the pulsing heart of all that happens at Agua De Madre Casa.

The beauty of working directly with Mother Earth is that there is minimal intervention required to harness the very essence of our ingredients - much like natural wine; it is no coincidence that our head of production also has an illuminating background in wine production, or that all of our fermenting is done in large ceramic eggs, more typically associated with wine fermentation. This backbone of transferable knowledge, skills & expertise flowing through our operation/production has allowed us, naturally, to innovate; taking our own product one step further e.g. by allowing our water kefir to continue fermenting naturally in it’s glass retail bottle we are able to avoid carbonation completely.  

Soil Association and SALSA Accreditation

Having the seal of approval from The Soil Association, along with SALSA accreditation, means you can be rest assured that everything we put into our water kefir (and there isn’t much!) is certified Organic too, that all of our production and cleaning processes are kept as simple as possible, swerving industrial methods & products completely; this is mirrored with a small but extremely skilled and dedicated team.

Proud to be Zero Waste, Carbon Neutral & Community Driven

Equally, as a business with zero waste, carbon neutral, principles, we work extremely hard to ensure nothing ends up in landfill; Remedio Naturale is a direct by-product of our water kefir fermentation process; solids from the first ferment are removed and simply become a lightly probiotic powerhouse of Organic lemon and ginger goodness. Our bottles are glass and fully recyclable, with 75cc bottles reusable so that when returned, they can dive straight back into the production cycle. Orders are driven to you in our own fleet of electric vans & all exhausted Mother Culture grains go straight back into our community, recycled to assist in the healthy biomes of soil and animals with local projects. 

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