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Wimbledon Wins: the Madre’s tournament discounts!

Wimbledon Wins: the Madre’s tournament discounts!

Game, set, match! Just like that, Wimbledon’s back again. We Madres love everything about this world-famous fortnight: the Kentish strawberries and double cream, the long queues snaking down Church Street, the crowds gathered on the grass and Henman Hill, that warm, woozy feeling that comes with drinking in the midday sun. We love the miraculous comebacks, the dignified loser, the athletes who just manage to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Wimbledon’s been going since 1877, but back in those days, women weren’t permitted to play the game. It was in 1884 that women were finally allowed on the courts. That year, only 13 women took part. But it didn’t take long for women to catch up: by 1885, Maud Watson was Wimbledon’s very first female champion - and she played in corsets and petticoats. 

Women may have been banned from the courts, but the science suggests that really there’s very little in it between women and men. A recent study found that on average, female tennis players serve just as fast - if not faster - than their male counterparts, hitting the ball at speeds of up to 131 miles an hour. 

So who are our top Madres this year? We’ll be cheerleading for Ashleigh Barty, the no-nonsense Australian player and top seed for Wimbledon. We like her down-to-earth vibe, her equanimity on court, and the grace and spirit with which she plays. Let’s hope that hip injury doesn’t get in the way!

As far as UK players go, we’re excited by Harriet Dart, who hails from North London. Ranked as British No.3 in singles, we’re looking forward to her match against Belgium’s Elise Mertens in Round 1. Go, Madre, go!

We couldn’t be more excited to be welcoming the tournament back after one long year. Whether you’re watching from the courtside, or just enjoying the games in your back garden, the Madre’s your perfect companion for the games. That’s why we’re giving you 20% off all orders made through our website. Just use the code WIMBLEDON20 at the checkout.

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* the discount code only works with Original, Pomegranate and Hibiscus,  Passion Fruit & Raspberry and the Remedio.   Offer ends Sunday 4th July 2021.  

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